Karagiannis for BOAK: What has not been done in 40 years has been done – Projects have no color


“Our government has done for BOAK and Crete as a whole the most that a government has done in the last decades”, emphasized the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure.

In the government’s commitment to give to Crete a contemporary Northern Road Axisa modern airport in Kastelli and upgraded infrastructure, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, responsible for infrastructure, Mr. George Karagiannis, in the context of parliamentary control.

“Our government has done for BOAK and Crete as a whole the most that a government has done in recent decades. BOAK, a dream of decades for Crete is becoming a reality with this government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis” underlined the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure.

Mr. Karagiannis clarified that “we don’t do “services”, we leave that to others. We make the new BOAK. A job is being done for Crete that had not been done for 30-40 years and it is in favor of all Cretans. We don’t paint the projects either green, blue or red.”

Especially for her wide southern bypass of Heraklion, Mr. Karagiannis was categorical, stressing that “the proposal concerns a new design, essentially a new project of the order of 320 euros without the expropriations, which is not provided for in the Tender Documents, which are in the air. Essentially, this proposal undermines the entire Tender process”.

He emphasized that “this is a new design, in a new BOAK that has extremely high construction costs with many kilometers of underground works and great technical difficulties” and asked the opposition “do you think that by proposing this project today you are offering services to the Cretans and the prospect construction of BOAK?”.

“Over-promising does not lead society in the right direction. You are coming after so long that you know the project is going ahead and while we have moved forward with a specific cost-based financing model and while we have obtained Environmental Terms for the new project and filed an Environmental Impact Study for the interventions in the city bypasses, you are coming now and you tell us to blow it all up” he added.

In fact, he criticized “the perception that prevailed for years, that money is there to do what we want, how and when we want, with the known disastrous results for the country”.

“The money paid by the Greek people for public works should be exactly what is required in order to have adequate and functional transport works. Not even less, because discounts in such matters do not fit. But neither more, especially in conditions like today’s where the world is being tested and the welfare state is expanding to support our weakest fellow citizens” continued Mr. Karagiannis.

Besides, he assured that “at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport we do not close our ears and we do not deny changes where they are necessary, always, however, protecting the public interest and with the sustainability of the project in mind”. Thus, we are currently processing the objections of the Regional Council for the Papanastasi junction and the Kako Oros area and we will come back soon with our proposals.

About him road axis that connects the airport of Kastelli with BOAK, 18 km long, Mr. Karagiannis noted that a modification is being made in the area of ​​the Roman aqueduct in accordance with what was dictated by the Services of the Ministry of Culture. The new Environmental Impact study will soon be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment.

“So we consider that the issue that arose will be closed with the simultaneous protection of the environment and the archaeological wealth of the country” he underlined.

“With responsibility and fairness, far from the populisms of the past, we continue the great effort for Crete to acquire a modern Northern Road Axis, a modern airport and infrastructure that will have nothing to envy from the rest of the country and from counterparts abroad” he emphasized in closing.

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