Es.Trago, Trago’s cousin bar with a bar atmosphere, opens its doors in the trendy Barra Funda

Es.Trago, Trago’s cousin bar with a bar atmosphere, opens its doors in the trendy Barra Funda

In any group of friends, there is always that person who doesn’t like drinks and prefers a pint of beer. It was with this in mind that Es.Trago was created, a bar in Barra Funda, a neighborhood in São Paulo that became popular with an explosion of restaurants, bars and clubs.

The place is the bar-like cousin of Trago, a bar located on the same street, Souza Lima. The head office, opened in September 2020, is on the opposite corner of the new Es.Trago.

The difference between the two addresses is already noticeable just by looking at it. While Trago has its entire facade painted and plastered, the new house, which opened its doors in August of this year, has exposed bricks and a more industrial aesthetic.

What also distances the two, despite the geographical proximity, is the public. “Trago welcomes the public with drinks, who sit at the counter and order a sazerac. At Es.Trago, we want to serve people who like beer in a 600 ml bottle”, says Rafaela Reis, responsible for marketing both places.

Without complex recipes, the new house tries to convey the aura of a pub — but with gourmet touches, without losing class, as dictated by the modern fashion of bars on the axis between Santa Cecilia and Barra Funda, both in the central region of the capital.

“We bring the same know-how to Es.trago, but with more popular drinks”, says Reis. Many have Brazilian touches, such as the smoothies and lime caipirinhas with cashew or brown sugar — the signature drink of the house costs R$32 and includes brandy, brown sugar syrup, lime and bitters.

The internal atmosphere is more intimate, with tables for quiet meetings or happy hour with friends at a table. Outside, on the sidewalk, small wooden tables welcome those who like to get some fresh air or smoke while sipping beers.

In the snacks area, fries with pulled pork, pulled pork, cost R$38. Another starter is the rib croquette — five units cost R$35.

The house also serves dishes, such as steak with sautéed potatoes, which costs R$ 55. “The difference is also in the food, with faster options and appetizers. It’s the opposite of Trago, which has more sophisticated Italian cuisine”, says Reis. . “One bar does not compete with the other.”

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