Joint Training of Special Operations Forces of Greece, Armenia and Cyprus

Joint Training of Special Operations Forces of Greece, Armenia and Cyprus

Joint training between units of the Special Operations Forces (Special Operations Forces (WEU) of Greece, Armenia, and Cyprus on rapid reaction combat objects and related individual and group small-scale combat tactics took place from November 22 to 28 at the headquarters of 1st Rentina Thessaloniki.

As announced today by the General Staff of National Defense (GEETHA), the participants were trained in scalable scenarios, which included pistol and individual rifle shots from short and medium distances at multiple targets, individual and team techniques, individual and group while at the end of their training, a small scale exercise was performed, which combined all the previous educational subjects.

The activity was carried out under the coordination of the Special Warfare Administration (SPD) of GEETHA, in the framework of the implementation of the Joint Action Plan (Joint Action Plan) between the three countries.

These actions, the statement added, in addition to upgrading the operational capabilities and combat capability of the participating forces, are aimed at strengthening transnational relations, increasing the level of cooperation and synergy, but also the wide visibility of the capabilities, the stabilization and a leading role that Greece can take on in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean region and beyond.

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