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Opinion – Cozinha Bruta: Companheiro Mário Gomes, learn from the carrot


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Mário Gomes, former Globo heartthrob, former hat maker, current Bolsonarista, was afraid of the return of communism.

He believed in fake news and recently spread a very hairy lie: he said that, in Colombia, the newly sworn in was socializing properties over 65 square meters.

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Mário feared that the PT, Guilherme Boulos or the bogeyman would put a beggar to live with his family, in a beautiful glass house in front of the sea, in Rio de Janeiro.

Behold, they took Mario’s house, poor man. But it was Justice. The former actor had almost R$ 1 million in labor debts from a factory that went bankrupt.

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Mário Gomes should have learned something from the carrot episode.

He was a victim of fake news when the expression had not yet been invented. They called it gossip, rumor. Just a lie.

Handsome and charismatic, Mário Gomes was one of the great promises of telenovelas in 1977, when the carrot story broke. They said that the actor had been admitted to a hospital with the vegetable stuck in his anus.

It is Mário himself who attributes the plot to director Daniel Filho, then husband of actress Betty Faria, with whom the young heartthrob had a flaming affair.

The narrative stuck so much that, as a child in elementary school, he knew about Mário Gomes’ new nickname: Carrot.

At a time when there was no internet, the spread of the lie reached surreal proportions, thanks to the network of contacts of those who launched the hare – in addition to Daniel Filho, the powerful Carlos Imperial would be behind the scheme.

The carrot thing was much more than a lie, much more than gossip, much more than a rumor. It was a coordinated action to crush Mário Gomes’ reputation with an implausible story, but so hammered and disseminated that it ended up being accepted as truth.

Exactly like the fake news of now, in the days of the dial phone.

Mário, make no mistake: the consequences of the “carrot gate” were not limited to the laughter of strangers who saw him on the street. If what he says is true, his acting career was sabotaged by very important people at the company he worked for.

If it weren’t for the carrot, Mário Gomes could have become a Tony Ramos. He ended up frying hamburgers on the beach to get some change.

Mário Gomes became the typical right-wing poor. The manioc farmer who is terrified of MST invasions. The truck driver who defends the privatization of Petrobras. The civil servant who applauds Guedes-Brasilia’s liberal platform is full of them, it’s a wonder.

Mário Gomes certainly blames the excess of labor rights for the debt he contracted and was unable to pay. A liberal meritocrat might say he didn’t work hard enough to make more money. I do not. Mário Gomes is a victim, but he refuses to understand it.

Mario Gomes spreads fake news without realizing that fake news shattered his dreams.

Comrade Mário Gomes, listen to the voice of reason. Learn what the carrot episode has to teach you.

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