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Patras: Condemnation of an elderly man – He continuously abused his minor nephew


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The accused had developed a relationship of absolute trust with the child’s family, he took him to his work, where, taking advantage of his mental retardation, he isolated him in various places

The uncle of a mentally retarded boy, who had molested him more than 40 times, was sentenced yesterday by the Petit Jury of Appeal of Patras to the maximum sentence of ten years in prison.

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The old man he is already serving a trial sentence 15 years in prison for continuous abuse of carelessness, but in a few days he will be released, due to the reduction of the penalties for this type of offense in the latest penal code.

The unforgivable acts of the satyr uncle were done to the nephew by the age of 14 years and for a period of about three years. The 25-year-old today described in court in every detail what his uncle did to him, leaving everyone speechless. The defendant, who had developed a relationship of complete trust with the child’s family, took him to his work, where, taking advantage of his mental retardation, he isolated him in various places and performed every unnamed act of neglect on his body.

They destroyed me

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“They destroyed me as a person and as a personality. They treated me like I was nothing,” said the young man in court, who cited feelings of shame, fear and psychological pressure from his uncle, when he was called by the court to answer the question, why he had not said anything for so many years.
It all came to light from the child’s mother’s sister, who noticed that something suspicious was going on with her nephew. She also testified yesterday raging against the satirical relative. “It broke his soul. He used him in the most pitiful way, the old man repeatedly raped him,” the aunt told the court.

“punish me”

The defendant apologized to the court, admitting what he had done. “Are these normal? Do you realize what you did to the child?” the president of the court told him. “I made a mistake and let justice punish me” was the old man’s answer.

The defense attorney Theodoros Chronopoulos tried to reduce the aggravating circumstance of the 14-year-old’s parents trusting the uncle, which the court rejected, as well as the claim that all the acts of indecency were done with the consent and many times with the participation of the young man.
The civil action advocate, Panagiotis Kefallinos, stated that the decision was fair, but the specific defendant had a gift called the new criminal code, which reduced the specific act from 20 to 10 years in prison.

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