Announcement of EL.AS. about the incidents in Athens: A minor was arrested, two police officers were injured


Fifty people broke away from the march and threw Molotov cocktails and stones at the police

Announcement about yesterday’s incidents that took place in the center of Athens during a protest march held by various organizations on the occasion of the complaint of a 19-year-old woman for rape by police officers in AT Omonia was issued by EL.AS.

Initially, the announcement states that at approximately 18:00 in the afternoon 700 people gathered in Monastiraki Square and at 19:00 they started a march towards the Omonia Police Department and then the Victoria Square.

According to ELAS, at 19:30 and while the march was on September 3rd Street, a group of about 50 people, having covered their facial features, broke away from the body of the march and attacked the police forces who were in the height of Veranzerou Street, in front of the Omonia Police Department. The police forces, with limited use of the necessary means, repelled them and the individuals dispersed in different directions.

Then, as indicated in the announcement, a group of people set fire to bins on September 3rd Street and attacked again, at the height of the street Copper condylewith a throw molotov and other objects, to the police forces that pursued them. After a while, the unknowns dispersed towards Victoria Square and entered the Electric Station, where they damaged cancellation machines.

From the attacks two police officers were injured who were delivered to the Hospital.

ELAS proceeded to arrest a minor who is accused of participating in the attacks against the police forces and a case was filed against him for arson and explosion with complicity, manufacture and possession of incendiary materials, disturbance of public peace, simple bodily harm and attempted dangerous bodily harm against police officers, violence against officers, damage to foreign property and violations of weapons and flares laws.

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