Thessaloniki: Mobilization of farmers outside the 29th Agrotica – What are their demands


They complain about the cost of production and the low prices they are forced to sell their products

Hundreds of farmers, ranchers, workers, students and others are protesting the precision and energy crisis.

“No waiting, no delusion. We take the case of our survival into our own hands” is written on its central banner Panhellenic Committee of Blocks.

The protesters say that the cost of production has increased and their profit has decreased because they are forced to sell at low prices, while the products are sold at high prices and the burden is on the consumers. They talk about the phenomenon of profiteering and ask for government intervention, while announcing further mobilizations.

After the speeches ended, the demonstrators marched inside it TEF.

“Agriculture, work, one voice and one fist” was one of the slogans they shouted.

The mobilization ended while the protesters renewed his appointment for November 9, when a strike will take place.

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