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Kerameikos: Four people were arrested for robbery at knifepoint


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Those arrested are accused of robbery with complicity, insult and threat

In the arrest of four young people, two of whom are minors 14 and 15 years, the third 19 and the fourth 20 years, police officers went to Kerameikos in the early hours of Sunday.

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The those arrested are accused of robbery with accomplice, insult and threat.

According to the police, the arrests were made in the context of the auto sale. In particular, a group of people approached 2 people, 20 and 21 years old, and with the use of physical violence and the threat of using a knife, they took the 20-year-old’s mobile phone and watch and tried to take the 21-year-old’s mobile phone.

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Immediate Action police officers who went to the scene, searched for and located 4 of those involved, who were identified by the victims and arrested.

The case was pre-investigatively handled by the Omonia Security Department, those arrested were taken to the Athens Criminal Prosecutor, while the investigations to identify the rest of those involved continue.

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