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Brothers sue their parents for rape – Shocking complaints of the daughter’s lawyer to SKAI


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The girl’s lawyer, Dimitra Plastira, stated that in 2017, the three minor children of the family suffered sexual abuse, and slowly began to reveal what they had suffered from their father, from a member of the family and from the surrounding area.

A lawsuit was filed by two children, a 17-year-old boy and a 22-year-old girl, who accuse their own parents of sexual abuse, when they were minors.

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Speaking to SKAI, the girl’s lawyer Dimitra Plastira, reported that in 2017 the three minor children of the family were sexually abused, and they slowly began to reveal what they have been subjected to by their father, by family members and bystanders.

One child also complains of rape by him father and by several other people who have been identified, as well as someone within the family environment and some interactions of the family noted.

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They did not issue them, explained Mrs. Plastira, father was throwing a party in which they raped the minor.

As the mother reports one of the children, one of rape has suffered him in front of the mother. The boy confessed what was happening to him in person and in his statements to GADA, while, as the lawyer mentioned, he received threats from the mother to stop making complaints.

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