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Bakoyannis: “We are putting a “knife” in municipal fees”


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According to the mayor of Athens, this is the biggest relief of the last 15 years

At reduction of the municipal fees for the households and businesses of the capital, which was voted yesterday at the meeting of the municipal council of Athens, mentioned the mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis in an interview today Tuesday on the radio station Real FM.

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As he pointed out, this is the biggest relief of the last 15 years, the result of the systematic effort of the last three years and is practical support for the citizens, in view of the difficult winter.

“We are currently putting a “knife” in municipal fees by 5% and this is the biggest relief in the last 15 years. At the same time we provide a range of benefits for those with many children, those with three children, the needy, single parent families or those with a high rate of disability […] Today what we are essentially doing is to return to our citizens the benefits from the good course of the municipality. We certainly don’t do as much as we would like, but we do as much as we can”, noted Mr. Bakoyannis.

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Answering a question whether the reduction of municipal fees will have an impact on the provision of municipal services, he underlined: “The reduction of fees is our response to accuracy. We increase the resilience of households to punctuality, while at the same time ensuring that we are not going to experience what we experienced in the past, when we did not have bins or clogs. Now the Municipality of Athens can continue to provide services, strengthen and enrich them. To do as much as possible with less.”

“You will remember that during the pandemic the famous Moody’s upgraded the credit rating of the Municipality of Athens”, added Mr. Bakoyannis and added: “This was important, not because the municipality wanted to get a loan. This upgrade was practical proof that in the municipality we operate transparently, with reliability, with seriousness and that we have achieved good management”.

The mayor of Athens also referred to the large program of modernization and upgrading of the capital’s electricity network that began last night with the installation of new LED lighting in Patision. A total of 45,000 lamps are being replaced. Regarding the Christmas decoration of Athens, he assured that the festive atmosphere will prevail in the center, but with an emphasis on the 129 neighborhoods.

Regarding the traffic issue of Athens and Mass Transportation, Mr. Bakoyiannis completely shared the position that MMM should be strengthened, setting the parameter of extending the operating hours of the metro even in the context of the safety of young people.


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