Maximou’s immediate response to a request from a High School in Lesvos for tools in the digital lesson


The immediate response of Megaro Maximos was brought by a letter that reached the Prime Minister’s Office from the high school of Kalloni in Lesvos, requesting the assistance of material and technical infrastructure for the school in order to improve the teaching of the children.

The news became known after the publication of the thanks of the director of the high school, Vassilios Giorgos to the Prime Minister’s office who announced the event. “The Principal Mr. Vassilios Georgios, the Association of Teachers, the Association of Parents and Guardians as well as the students of Panaretios Gymnasium of Kalloni express our deepest thanks to the Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis for his effort. us “, he notes.

At the same time, he expresses his gratitude to the director of the Prime Minister, Grigoris Dimitriadis, who together with the advisor to the Prime Minister, Jason Pipini, took care to complete the actions immediately by sending the material. “We especially thank Mr. Dimitriadis Grigorios, Secretary General of the Prime Minister for the immediate response he showed to our request for the donation of video projectors and laptops to the Kalloni High School in order to equip and modernize an equal number of classrooms. “This act proves in practice the interest and sensitivity in matters concerning the development of new technologies in the educational process and the better conditions of education of students”, he adds.

“We assure you that this valuable offer will further facilitate the important pedagogical work of the teachers of the school and will be particularly important for its smooth operation,” said Mr. Vassiliou, concluding that he hopes the state will help in the future. in the effort of teaching staff to enhance the good of public education.

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