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Rape of a 12-year-old girl in Colonos: Michos sent the girl to various rented apartments on a time lease


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Parallel circuit with “mobile” brothels – The 12-year-old’s rapists learned about the meeting place “by word of mouth” or through Micho’s cell phone, which the authorities are scrutinizing.

A parallel circuit with “mobile” houses of tolerance – i.e. various locations where the girl issued Elias Michos – the 12-year-old from Kolonos revealed in her testimony.

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¨As Theodosis Panou revealed in “Our Breakfast”, the police are very close to locating the infamous brothel where Michos released the girl.

It is an apartment in Iera Odos, which was rented out on a timeshare, i.e. AirBnB.

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However, it is not the only one as – according to the report – Michos also rented other apartments for this purpose.

The clients – pedophiles of the 12-year-old did not go there through the well-known online platform with which the 12-year-old “chatted” with them, but they learned the place of the appointment “from mouth to mouth” or through Miho’s mobile phone, which the authorities are scrutinizing .

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Also, the time leases of the apartments were not made by Michos, but by another person who, according to the police’s estimates, has a heavy criminal past for pimping cases.

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