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Big change: On this day, in 1981, the polytonic system is abolished


Today, November 23, 2022

602…. Phocas dethrone Maurice and he becomes emperor of Byzantium.

1248…. Ferdinand III of Castile leads the Christian forces, which recapture Seville from the Arabs.

1644…. The English poet John Milton publishes the pamphlet “Areopagites” for the freedom of the press.

1803…. The representatives of the Ionian Islands in a special assembly vote on a new Constitution. The Ionian Islands are recognized as a single state with an oligarchic government. Executive power is exercised by the Senate. Hereditary aristocracy is abolished. The use of the Greek language is mandatory in all sectors of the state.

1826…. Georgios Karaiskakis, attacks Arachova against the Turkalvans under Mustafabei and achieves an important victory. The losses of the Turks are approximately 1,300 dead and 200 prisoners. Among the dead is Mustafabeis himself. An arch is erected with their severed heads.

1828…. A force of approximately 3,000 Greeks under Kitso Tzavela defeats the 4,500 Turks of Kariophil Bey at Karpenisi and drives them to a disorderly flight in the direction of Agrafa.

1837…. “Press” law is issued in Greece and penalties are established for offenders.

1863… The Battle of Chattanooga begins, one of the most important of the American Civil War.

1867….Three Irish nationalists are executed in Manchester for killing a policeman. They will go down in history as the “Manchester Martyrs”.

1869…. The sailing ship Cutty Sark, one of the last to be built and which survives to this day, is launched in Dumbarton, Scotland.

1889… The first jukebox is installed in a San Francisco saloon. It is the creation of American Louis Glass and his partner William Arnold.

1897…. African-American inventor John Lee Love invents and patents the pencil sharpener.

1903…. The famous Italian tenor Enrico Caruso makes his debut at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. He plays the role of the duke in “Rigoletto” by Giuseppe Verdi.

1904… Closing ceremony of the 3rd modern Olympic Games in St Louis, USA. A gold medal for Greece, in weightlifting by Pericles Kakousis.

1909…. The Wright brothers establish a company to manufacture commercial aircraft.

1916… (n.d.) World War I: The revolutionary government of Thessaloniki under Eleftherios Venizelos declares war against Germany and Bulgaria.

1936… The first issue of the American magazine “Life” is published.

1942… World War II: The Soviets launch an offensive at Stalingrad against the Germans.

1964…. The Vatican removes Latin as an official language of the Roman Catholic liturgy.

…. On the same day, American heart surgeon Michael DeBakey performs the first coronary artery bypass.

1976…. An Olympic Aviation Y5-11A propeller plane crashes near Kozani, killing all 50 on board.

1980… An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale hits the southern regions of Italy. Entire villages are leveled and the dead exceed 3,000.

1981…. In Greek schools, the polytonic system is abolished and the monotonic system is established. Thin, woody and fragmented disappear.

1994…. The Criminal Court of Corinth imposes a life sentence plus 21 years on Manolis Douris, for the rape and murder of his 7-year-old son.

1996…. The Greek “Miss Greece” Irini Skliva wins the Miss World beauty title in India. Reactions from the Indian people to the organization of beauty pageants.

1999…. Leonidas Sampanis wins two silver medals in the 62 kg category and Ioanna Chatziioannou the bronze in the 63 kg weight class, at the World Weightlifting Championship held in SEF.

2000…. The European Court of Human Rights condemns the Greek State for violating the right to property of the deposed monarch Constantinos de Grecia, regarding the confiscation of his property.

On this day in 1804, the 14th president of the USA, Franklin Pierce, was born in 1876, the Spanish composer, Manuel De Falla, and in 1888, the American comedian, Harpo Marx, one of the Marx brothers.

On the same day, in 1929, Georges Clemenceau died, who served as mayor, deputy, senator, minister and prime minister in France, in 1991 the German actor Klaus Kinski and in 1995 the French film director Louis Mal.



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