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The municipality of Chania rented ten houses for the city’s homeless


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The municipality of Chania participates in a program that provides people in need with housing, training and job promotion

The municipality of Chania proceeded with the leasing of 10 houses, in order to house beneficiaries of the program “housing and work for the homeless of the Municipality”.

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The action is implemented following the approval of the Anti-Poverty department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, while in addition, 7 beneficiaries have joined the labor market, 3 of them with a subsidy from the program.

As announced by the organizers of the program on the occasion of World Homeless Day, the beneficiaries of the Program visited and used the Social Hair Salon of the Municipality of Chania, while the female beneficiaries of the program participated in October in the actions of the Social Policy Department of the municipality, on the occasion of on World Breast Cancer Day by performing a preventive gynecological check-up.

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Tthe program started in August 2022, has a duration of 2 years, an approved budget of 400,000 euros, which concerns 19 households with 42 beneficiaries and is financed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs with the Management Authority being the Organization of Welfare Benefits and Social Solidarity (OPEKA).

The aim is the integration into the program and the provision of housing services, psychosocial support, activation, training and promotion to the work of the homeless. The search for houses continues, as 9 more houses are required within the limits of the Municipality of Chania.


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