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Great Barrier Reef ‘dying’ – ‘SOS’ to join World Heritage List


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The mission’s final report, released Monday afternoon in Paris after a six-month delay, made 10 recommendations on how the issue should be addressed.

A mission supported by the UN concluded that the largest coral reef system in the world it should be included in the list of world heritage sites in danger.

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The much-anticipated report on the 10-day expedition in March says climate change poses a serious challenge to the values ​​that led to the reef being designated a World Wonder in 1981.

“Progress to reduce pollution to reef waters from agriculture and grazing has been very slow, and more investment is needed to meet water quality targets,” the mission’s report said.

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The report’s recommendation to list the reef as a world heritage site will be considered, along with responses from the Queensland and federal governments, before Unesco makes a formal request at its next meeting.

The mission to the reef was carried out at the request of former federal environment minister Sussan Ley. Two experts – one from Unesco and one from the International Union for Conservation of Nature – met the government, scientists and stakeholders in Queensland two months before the Morrison government was defeated.

The mission’s final report, published Monday evening in Paris after a six-month delay, made 10 recommendations that needed to be addressed “as a matter of urgency.”

The mission report stated that significant work is underway in terms of scientific research, but progress in water quality is very slow. The scientists were calling on the Queensland state government to speed up the implementation of its sustainable fisheries strategy and phase out the use of nets in the marine park.

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