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Strike mobilization of teachers and kindergarten teachers on Thursday, December 15


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What are the demands of the Greek Teaching Federation (IOE)

They announced strike action for Thursday, December 15 teachers and kindergarten teachers.

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More specifically, the Teachers’ Federation of Greece (IOE) announced a work stoppage from 11:30 until the end of the schedule and the possibility of an additional 3-hour work stoppage by the Associations to facilitate the participation in the gathering at 12:00, in Propylaia, together with OLME and OIELE and path to the Ministry of Finance.

“We continue – we strengthen the fight for work and wages with dignity, we defend our labor rights and our scientific work” they say from the ILO.

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The relevant announcement states, among other things:

We fight for:

-Immediate Christmas gift payment, reinstatement of 13th and 14th salary, increases in our salaries, performance of the MK 2016 – 2017, tax-free at €12,000 with an additional €3,000 for each child.
-Ending the labor hostage. Immediate permanentization of all new appointees who complete their two-year term without further conditions.
-Equating the hours of Kindergarten teachers and teachers who serve in elementary schools with few seats to that of the rest of the teachers.
– Repeal of laws 4692/20, 4823/21 and the entire framework that leads to the categorization of schools. The authoritarianism of the Ministry of Education will not pass.

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