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The relatives of 24-year-old Eratous erupted against her killer at the Mytilini Court of Appeal


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About two and a half years later, the trial of the femicide in the second degree begins, before the Joint Jury Court of Appeal of the Northern Aegean

The trial of the womanizer who murdered his estranged wife on May 23, 2019 at her home in Mytilini begins at the Northern Aegean Court of Appeal.

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Today, the killer’s side asked for a second adjournment as on March 14.

The lawyer of the Eratos family states that the request is abusive, the family is coming for the second time at their own expense from Athens and asks to be discussed at least on Wednesday.
The Joint Jury agreed, deciding to hold the case and then discuss whether to adjourn.

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The killer of 24-year-old Eratos has been found guilty at first instance of manslaughter with intent in a calm state of mind with life imprisonment and of illegal carrying of weapons and illegal use of weapons.

During his appearance in the courts of Mytilene the murderer strongly frowned upon from the relatives of the deceased girl.

The perpetrator at first instance was sentenced to life imprisonment for intentional homicide in a calm state of mind, he requested the mitigating factors of a previous honest life and “boiling” mental state, however the court did not recognize them.

Present are the collectives that support the Eratos family, including the Progressive Women’s Association of Mytilene, the movement “Fighting and Free” and “Anormina”

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