Karamanlis: Kilometer charges are coming to tolls – No increases are foreseen

Karamanlis: Kilometer charges are coming to tolls – No increases are foreseen

“We will go into a process where you will slowly see the introduction of mileage charges. This is the fair. This is also happening in other European countries,” announced the Minister of Transport

There will be no toll increasesaccording to what the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Costas Karamanlis assured, adding that mileage charges will gradually begin to be introduced.

“Because I read various things about increases that come with inflation, the government will not allow tolls to be increased”, the minister pointed out characteristically to the TV station Action24 citing the case of the Peloponnese as an illustrative example: “we will go into a process where slowly you will see mileage charges coming in. This is the fair. This is also happening in other European countries.”

At the same time, he referred to announced reduction of tolls on Attiki Odos, which will be implemented from 2024. He pointed out that since it is a ring road there cannot be a proportional charge

He also mentioned the works of Line 4 of the Athens Metro. “You see construction sites everywhere. Everywhere you go in Athens, you see construction sites,” Mr. Karamanlis pointed out.

He noted that although at Expiration there was a disturbance, the case went to the SC and has ended. “And I personally, because I live in the center of Athens, I fully respect the citizens, who are disturbed by a construction site”, pointed out the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, referring to the effort to make the Metro construction sites as green and friendly as possible to the city’s everyday life .

Mr. Karamanlis mentioned that the Government is giving incentives to “green” the taxi and bus fleet. “In a few months you will see “green” buses on the streets”, he underlined, noting that the Municipalities should also quickly set up charging areas for electronic vehicles, but incentives should also be given, such as free parking.

Asked about yesterday’s opening event of the “Antonis Samaras” Foundation, Mr. Karamanlis pointed out that “everyone was present. Both from the ND, and outside its narrow party boundaries, which shows the unity of the faction, while in his speech he looked back on his personal political path”.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport pointed out that, with his speech, Antonis Samaras proved on the one hand that he prioritizes the national interest above the personal, on the other hand that he strengthens the unity of the faction. Mr. Karamanlis, at the same time, emphasized that the New Democracy has a clear political identity and a well-known historical path, recalling that there have been “openings” from time to time, the main one being the opening to the center made by Konstantinos Karamanlis himself.

Asked to comment on the reports of the former prime minister about the surveillance, Mr. Karamanlis noted that Mr. Samaras, like Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself, raised the seriousness of the issue for the Republic. The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport also pointed out that today the bill for the institutional shielding measures against eavesdropping is being voted on in the Parliament, stressing that throughout Europe there is a problem with malicious software.


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