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Eva Kaili: Deleted by the Eurogroup of Socialists and Democrats


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This development came after the news that the Greek MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament is being investigated for a corruption case, in which MEPs and Qatar are said to be the protagonists.

The Group of European Socialists and Democrats of the European Parliament has announced that it has decided to exclude MEP Eva Kaili from the Group.

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The suspension of Eva Kaili’s participation in the Socialist Group has “immediate effect, in response to the ongoing investigations”, the announcement states.

Earlier, the Group of Socialists and Democrats of the European Parliament in Brussels, in a statement, informed that the stance it is going to take on the case is that of zero tolerance, while avoiding commenting on the “ongoing legal proceedings”.

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“We are alarmed by allegations of corruption in EU institutions. We take a zero-tolerance stance on corruption. We are the first to support a thorough investigation and full disclosure of the case. We will fully cooperate with all investigative authorities. In this spirit, we will not publicly comment on the ongoing legal proceedings”, stresses the Group of Socialists of the European Parliament. The announcement also adds that: “Given the seriousness of the allegations, until the relevant authorities provide relevant information and clarifications, we request the suspension of work on any dossiers and votes in the Plenary regarding the Gulf States, particularly regarding the release of visa status and planned visits”.


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