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Volos: 45-year-old victim of fraudsters – She invested… in thin air


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How they managed to convince her to invest 9,000 euros which they made “wings”

Fraudsters managed to convince a woman in Volos to invest her savings with a high yield, but they went up in smoke.

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The 45-year-old testified a total of 9,000 euros, the money he had managed to collect in a small bundle, waiting for the “monkey” institutional investors to keep their promise.

In order to make themselves more believable and keep the woman’s interest “warm”, the scammers often made sure to send her emails. “Do not worry. Everything is fine. Your investment is in good hands. Your money is growing” they assured her and she had dreams… how she will use the 24,000 euros that were supposedly collected in the “bucket” of invested money.

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However, when she herself asked to collect the amount, she was cold-hearted. The investment… was thin air.

It wasn’t until the 50-year-old realized that it was about scam, scared, she reported the incident to the Police. He asked for the assistance of the authorities to identify the fraudsters. The Volos Prosecutor’s Office has ordered a preliminary investigation, but it is considered very difficult to trace the perpetrators, who are suspected to be operating from abroad, having managed to ensnare many unsuspecting citizens.

The judicial authorities of Volos have recently been receiving more and more such complaints, which are almost “carbon”, in terms of the way the astute people “fish” their victims.

The 9,000 that allegedly became… 240,000 euros

The 45-year-old woman filed a lawsuit against strangers for fraud. According to information, the woman received a phone call from England. Communication was made with a person who spoke fluent Greek, who informed her that if he invested around €10,000, this money would become €250,000!

The woman agreed and deposited 9,000 euros successively into the account of two foreign banks, one based in Great Britain and the second based in Luxembourg.

She was certain the investment existed as she received emails about the investment’s progress, with charts and highlights.

THE scam that had been set up against her had a “background”, that’s why she herself felt at ease.

At some point, when her earnings reached 240,000 euros, she asked to withdraw them, and that’s when her problems began, as strangers asked her for additional money and expenses, using as an excuse that taxes had to be paid abroad.

The lure of 240,000 euros was great for her, however, when she found that the strangers were finding various excuses and pretexts for the money not to be deposited in her account, she understood that it was a fraud and filed a lawsuit. Now he is waiting for the authorities to identify the perpetrators.

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