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Incredible incident in Crete: A woman fell into a well and was saved thanks to her dog


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The woman was trying to get water from the well and fell in and luckily the well had water.

The presence of the dog of a 60-year-old woman who slipped and fell into a 10-meter-deep well proved to be a lifesaver.

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According to information from, the accident happened on the morning of Thursday 12/15 when the woman while trying to get water from the well fell in.

At one point a fellow villager looked for her and when she went to her house she did not find her.

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But he heard the loud barking of a dog, and going towards the place where the dog was, he saw him standing at the well, barking in dismay.

Approaching, he also heard the unfortunate woman calling for help and immediately informed the man of the Anopolis Fire Brigade, who was near the scene,

The firemen rushed with a ladder and retrieved the woman, fortunately in good health as she had not been injured falling into the water of the well.

The rescued woman was taken to the Sfakia Health Center for precautionary reasons.

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