The police officer who shot the 16-year-old Roma is free


The judicial council sided with the investigator for the criminal treatment of the 34-year-old DIAS police officer who shot the 16-year-old Roma during a pursuit.

Finally, the Thessaloniki Criminal Court resolved the dispute by accepting the proposal of the investigator who asked to be released with the restrictive condition of being banned from leaving the country.

During his apology on the 6th ; investigator, the accused claimed that he was in defense because the 16-year-old driver of the pursued vehicle tried to ram the second ELAS engine. He said he fired on the move, aiming at the car and not the driver.

The three judges of the Misdemeanor Council decided on the prosecutor-investigator disagreement, taking into account the case file that was created before the 16-year-old died. Because a period of 5 days is provided which cannot be extended and because by the time of the decision the necessary documents had not been sent (death certificate, forensic report, etc.). Initially, criminal charges were brought against the 34-year-old police officer for attempted murder.

In the near future, the case file will be returned to the investigator who will request that the charge be changed and that a criminal prosecution be brought by the prosecutor’s office for completed homicide. The accused will be summoned again for a supplementary plea and it is not unlikely that he will be remanded in custody, according to legal circles.

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