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Parliament: The legality of open parking spaces in the pilots of apartment buildings was regulated


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Owners could not use or transfer their property, said Deputy Minister of Digital Policy Theodoris Livanios

“We are treating a problem that has existed for many years,” said Deputy Minister of Digital Policy Thodoris Livanios about the provision that was incorporated into the bill for the printed and electronic press and that provides a solution to the legality problem of open parking spaces in the pilot apartment buildings.

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“The provisions concern pilots in open parking areas, which is very important, because it concerns a large portion of our fellow citizens. It is a common request submitted by POMIDA, as well as the plenary session of the country’s bar associations, and it concerns parking spaces in pilots that had been excluded from transaction matters, as a result of which the transfers are rejected, essentially trapping too many owners, who do not they could utilize or transfer their property,” said Mr. Livanios and added: “Many times these pieces of horizontal property were of unknown ownership and would, when the Land Registry ended, go to the Greek government. This is exactly what this provision is going to solve. It was done in collaboration with the most directly interested parties, which is the Real Estate Owners Association, but also the bar associations and the Notaries Association”

“So, let’s go to cure this problem that existed”, said the Deputy Minister of Digital Policy and pointed out that there were also decisions of the Supreme Court, but also a series of decisions afterwards, in order not to reject the contracts. “We are essentially turning parking spaces into monitoring, so that they can now become objects of transactions and close this pending issue that concerns too many of our fellow citizens,” said Mr. Livanios.

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