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“X-ray” of crime 2022: What does the EL.AS data show on homicides, Evros and animal protection


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2022 crime rates show a significant decrease compared to the pre-coronavirus period (2015-2019) – Over a thousand animal protection cases

The official data on crime indicators for this year (i.e. 2022) were presented by the Ministry of Citizen Protection and the Hellenic Police.

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According to the data, crime rates in 2022 show a significant decrease compared to the pre-coronavirus period (2015-2019). In more detail:

Thefts – Robberies

In particular, as reported by the official data of the ministry and the Hellenic Republic of Greece, a 12.12% decrease was recorded this year in thefts compared to the average of the period 2015-2019, while a corresponding decrease was recorded both in wheelie theftsas well as on robberies.

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More specifically:

The thefts – burglaries decreased by 12.12% in 2022 compared to the 2015 – 2019 average.

The wheelie thefts decreased by 30.48% in 2022 compared to the average of the period 2015 – 2019 while the robberies show a decrease of 35.69% in 2022 compared to the average of the period 2015 – 2019.


2022 presents him fewer homicides since 2011 and with the greater percentage of explanations. More specifically, in 2022 they were fulfilled 79 homicides and clearance rate (same and previous years) amounted to 88.61%.

Crime statistics 2022

Border protection in Evros

As far as border protection in Evros in 2022 is concerned, they were done 256,060 deterrents and 1,491 arrests of traffickers.

Evros crime statistics

Traffic police

In 2022 there was a significant reduction in traffic accidents.

Crime statistics 2022

Crime statistics 2022

Implementation of anti-smoking legislation

In 2022, 523,400 checks were carried out for the implementation of anti-smoking legislation and 6,133 violations were confirmed.

Crime statistics 2022

Animal protection

For the protection of animals, 4,999 inspections were carried out, 1,717 case files were filed, 308 arrests were made, and 1,953 administrative fines totaling 3,251,265 euros were confirmed.

Crime statistics 2022

Incidents of domestic violence

Regarding the modern scourge of domestic violence, 11,476 incidents were recorded. Of these 3,279 incidents were handled by the 18 Domestic Violence Offices.

Crime statistics 2022

the minister Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakoss, on the occasion of the announcement of the statistics for 2022, stated:

“The official information announced by the Greek Police a while ago concerns everyone’s life.

They prove that our Homeland’s Border Security is strong today, dealing with illegal immigration very effectively.

And at the same time security in the neighborhoods is now constantly improving. With the significant reduction in crime by 25% compared to the period 2015-2019. With the fewest homicides in 11 years, despite the fact that incidents of domestic violence are on the rise. We are by no means complacent.

We continue systematically. With design and efficiency. Putting an end to every form of iniquity. With the hard work of our police officers, constantly strengthening their presence in the neighborhoods, we protect the lives and property of citizens. Because their safety is a condition for prosperity and therefore our daily obligation with a project and a measurable result.”


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