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Over 600 fines for breathalyzers during Lights Week


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More than 17,000 traffic violations were confirmed, from January 1 to 7, throughout Greece – 4,213 for excessive speed and 661 for not using a seat belt

17,313 violations were confirmed between January 1 and 7, 2023, throughout Greece, during 91,779 inspections, according to ELAS data.

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It is noted that 606 refers to driving under the influence of alcohol.

In particular, the violations confirmed concern: 5,970 for illegal parking, 4,213 for excessive speed, 789 for driving without a driver’s license, 661 for not using a seat belt, 606 for driving while intoxicated, 429 for not using a protective helmet, 358 for KTEO, 214 uninsured vehicles, 156 for noise, 152 for violation of a traffic light, 147 for moving in the opposite direction of traffic, 109 for using a mobile phone, 105 for irregular manoeuvres, 67 for worn tires, 62 not keeping a safe distance, 60 for irregular overtaking, 31 for driver distraction, 28 for oncoming traffic on a one-way street, 25 for not using child seats, 22 for improper use of lights, 19 for violation of traffic signal, 16 for violation of priority, 11 for exhaust fumes, 9 for lack of seat belt, 8 for overweight load, 6 not driving on the right side of the road, 5 for driving on the left lane and 3,035 other violations.

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Violations were confirmed by region, as follows: 2,812 in Attica, 2,142 in Thessaly, 1,755 in Thessaloniki, 1,510 in Western Greece, 1,487 in Central Macedonia, 1,447 in Crete, 1,290 in Epirus, 1,237 in Central Greece, 1,063 in Peloponnese, 996 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, 505 in Western Macedonia, 420 in the Ionian Islands, 362 in the North Aegean and 287 in the South Aegean.

In addition, targeted actions and specialized controls of the Attica Traffic Directorate were carried out throughout the week, January 2 to 8, 2023, in the area of ​​the Athens – Souni coastal avenue, with the aim of dealing with improvised races, as well as other dangerous violations.

A total of 429 traffic checks of drivers and vehicles were carried out, 190 violations were confirmed, for which the corresponding fines were imposed and 1 arrest was made.

In detail, the violations confirmed were: 39 for excessive speed, 23 for not using a seat belt, 18 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 6 for revocation of a driver’s license, 1 for violating a red light, 1 for using a mobile phone and 102 for other violations.

At the same time, 10 pairs of license plates, 33 traffic licenses and 38 driving licenses were removed, while 5 vehicles were also transferred.

As the Ministry of Citizen Protection points out, checks will continue with the same intensity in order to reduce traffic accidents and accidents.

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