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Former King Constantine: At least 20 blue-blooded people at the funeral – Who will go to Greece in detail


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A crowd of blue-blooded people is expected to attend the former King’s funeral.

At least 20 crowned or members of royal families of Europe are expected to attend the funeral procession of the former King Constantine, in Athens, according to a SKAI report.

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Indicatively, both King Philip VI and his wife Letitia and self-exiled King Juan Carlos I will attend.

In Athens is already Vasilomitor Sophia, sister of Constantine Glyxburg, who had rushed to Greece days ago as the former King’s health had deteriorated.

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The royal family of Spain also has the closest blood ties to the former King.

At the same time, the Queen of Denmark, Margarita II, who is the sister of Anna Maria, as well as the Prince of Denmark Frederik, favorite nephew of Constantine, will give “the present”.

According to what was reported from London by Thanasis Gavos, the representation of the British royal family at the funeral of the former King Constantine should be taken for granted.

A palace source, however, said no decision has yet been made on who will attend.

So far there has been no public statement of condolence and it is likely that King Charles has contacted the family of the late King Constantine privately, as they were second cousins.

Protocol dictates that King Charles only attends the funerals of heads of state, but a private visit is not out of the question, although this is considered difficult due to the security measures that would have to be in place and more time to prepare.

The funeral will probably be attended by both the royal Princess Anna, who was already in Cyprus in the last few days, as well as Prince Edward, Elizabeth’s youngest son.

In fact, it is not improbable that Crown Prince William will also move to Greece, as the former King Constantine was his godfather, while William has baptized one of his grandsons, Constantine – Alexios.

The King of the Netherlands, William-Alexander, is still expected to attend the funeral.

Just like Konstantinos, so too Gulielmos Alexandros is a fan of sailing.

The royal family of the Netherlands has stated that when they come to Greece it is “like coming home” and even has a house close to that of Constantine in Porto-Heli.

In addition, the Queen of the Netherlands, Maxime, the King of Belgium, Philippe, Charles XVI Gustaf of Sweden, and the King of Norway, Harald V, who together with the former King was an honorary member of the International Olympic Committee, are also expected to attend. honorary president of the World Sailing Federation.

From Luxembourg, “the present” will be given by Grand Duke Henry.

The procession will also be attended by Albert of Monaco, Abdullah II of Jordan, whose family are also members of the Anna-Maria foundation.

It is still unknown whether Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, will attend the funeral.

As for blue bloods with a title but no active kingdom, Crown Prince Alexander and Princess Catherine of Serbia, have expressed a desire to attend as they had family ties to Constantine II. He was their cousin, godfather and friend.

From Romania, Margarita, Custodian of the Crown of Romania, will go to Greece.

The former King Konstantinos was Margarita’s cousin and godfather and had even accompanied her to her wedding.

Finally, the former King of Bulgaria Simeon will move to our country, as the former King Constantine II and the former King Simeon II of Bulgaria were the last living Orthodox kings.

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