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Patras: These were found in the houses of anti-authoritarians – robbers – See photos


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Among the 7 arrested is the son of a convicted member of “17 November” – According to information, their participation in seven robberies has been identified

Eighteen kilograms of cannabis, weapons, explosives and books on anarchism were found and confiscated in the homes of the seven anti-authoritarians, members of a criminal organization that, according to information from the newspaper “Peloponnese” through genetic testing (DNA), their involvement was identified in 7 robberies that occurred in banks, ELTA and supermarkets in Patra, in the last two and a half years.

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The arrests of 6 men and one woman took place during yesterday’s large-scale operation carried out by the police officers of the Patras Security sub-directorate in various areas. Two people who allegedly had a leading role were arrested early on Wednesday and while they were returning to their homes, with the police immediately confiscating their mobile phones, preventing the possibility of possible communication with their accomplices.

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Among the 7 arrested, is the son of the convicted member of the “17 November” terrorist organization, known as “Stelliou”, who after serving a 17-year sentence, was released from prison. Among those arrested are students, as well as “eternal” students of the University of Patras, originally from Etoloakarnania and Thesprotia, while the 35-year-old is the partner of one of the accused. All have been involved with local law enforcement for various offenses in the past.

Patras - findings

The wigs

In home searches, wigs and the two pistols used by the perpetrators in the robberies were found, including at ELTA branches in Iroon Polytechneiou and Vrachneika, at banks in Akrotiri and Ir. Polytechnic University and in a supermarket in the area of ​​Agia. Through radios that they owned and had tuned into the frequency of ELAS, they monitored the movements of the policemen.

The explosives

In addition, detonators and a quantity of explosive material (C4) were found which, according to police sources, could “demolish the Police building”. The investigations are continuing, in order to establish the involvement of those arrested in robberies and other “hits” inside and outside of Patras.

A criminal case was filed against them for founding and participating in a criminal organization, for robberies, aggravated theft, possession and trafficking of drugs, possession of weapons, and violation of radio frequency legislation. Official announcements are expected today.

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