Trial in the Eye: Shocking statements about the twins – “They were all four in each other’s arms” together with their grandparents


The trial for the fatal fire in Mati was adjourned until January 23. Today, relatives of victims and burn victims testified about their own, personal stories and memories.

The mother of Sofia and Vasiliki, the twin girls who died tragically during the big fire in Mati, is shocked.

“Everything was quiet, the children were playing and my in-laws were getting ready to go back to Nea Makri. We said goodbye to them and that was the last time we saw them,” the mother said, then spoke of her anguish after the fire broke out.

“We were constantly taking my in-laws and not getting a line. I was calling the police, asking them if they knew anything. Then my husband took a motorcycle to look for our children and their parents. I had turned on the TV, I didn’t know exactly what I was seeing and what was happening. At some point my husband called me. “I’m on the road, there are fires right and left, I can’t see anything. There is darkness and fire everywhere,” he told me,” added the mother.

“On July 27, the bodies of some were identified and among them there were two young people. Unfortunately the next morning we found out that it was our children. My mother-in-law was below, the children in between and my father-in-law above with open arms. We buried them on August 3, 2018,” he said with tears in his eyes.

The testimony of the children’s aunt was also shocking.

“You didn’t know if what you were trampling was flesh. This field will always be a graveyard no matter what, no matter what. I went home and the food was still there, rotten but there. They were all four in each other’s arms. There was nothing left. A little heart was left of Vasiliki, nothing else. We arrived on August 3rd to do the funeral, 11 days later. To get there and see four coffins and from then on we had to live normally. How would I look my brother and Georgia in the eyes, tell them what? How did everything go? Nothing went, nobody. Should I be happy about it or sad that I’m alive?’ asked the children’s aunt.

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