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Crete – Gang rape of a 12-year-old girl: Additional depositions have been ordered by the prosecutor’s office


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The case has shocked the local community of Crete gang rapes at the expense of one 12 years old in Ierapetra.

According to confirmed information from cretapost, the juvenile prosecutor’s office has ordered further investigation of the specific case, asking the Ierapetra police officers to proceed with new additional statements of the people involved.

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The existing case file includes dozens of people, some of whom allegedly raped the 12-year-old and others who witnessed the rape.

The mother “broke” her silence

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The horrific case was reported to the police in early 2022 when the minor, unable to keep the secret that was hiding and eating away at her, suffered severe depression and had to be admitted to psychiatric clinic of PAGNIS.

Then the minor spoke to child psychiatrists saying everything she had experienced at the hands of her tormentors.

It was then that her mother found out about what had happened and immediately filed a complaint with the police.

The timeline of the case

Speaking to “Radio Lasithi”, the mother of the minor described everything that had happened to her daughter.

As her daughter, a 1st High School student in 2020, reported, she was initially raped by a boy who was a 1st High School student of EPAL. They had a simple acquaintance with this boy and he asked her to meet somewhere secluded so he could ask her something about a friend of hers. Finally, after school, he took her to a yapi and brutally raped her, with about 15 other students present, who did nothing to stop the incident and possibly filmed it.

The second incident happened a short time later at a birthday party held in a house in the city. The 12-year-old had been invited and had gone there with her friends. At this party there were also three boys, A’ Lyceum students with whom the girl and her friends hung out and in fact the mother knew them personally, inviting them to her house.

As the mother says, at this party the children were playing the game “Truth or Dare” and among the things they were called to do was drink a whole bottle of alcohol or drink a box of cream soap, or have some kind of sexual act. All this in a house, in which, as the 12-year-old testified, she noticed how in the toilet there was a cell phone videotaping anyone who entered. Finally, amid extreme situations that developed, the three boys successively raped the 12-year-old.

All this (which happened in the summer of 2020) was kept a secret by the 12-year-old, who did not say anything to her friends, nor of course to her family.

Several months later, the mother reported that her daughter began to suddenly change behavior and exhibit symptoms of depression. She stopped hanging out with anyone, stopped any extracurricular activities, didn’t want to leave the house alone, and slept all the time.

As it turned out in hindsight, these incidents had leaked between students who were contacting and threatening the 12-year-old, asking her sexual exchanges.

The mother turned to a psychologist, who soon determined that the girl was suffering from severe depression and needed hospitalization. Eventually, the girl ended up being hospitalized at the child psychiatric clinic of PAGNI for six months. The family had limited contact with her due to the restrictive measures of the pandemic and in the hospital, the 12-year-old began to self-harm and make suicide attempts (which continue almost to this day). She began to receive strong treatment, gradually improved, and after the support she received from doctors, she first described to them what had happened to her. The child psychiatrist who was following her decided that there should be police intervention and then with appropriate guidance the girl testified everything to a special police investigator.

The first deposition was made in January 2022, the mother and her children left Crete, and with a long delay, last October the case was transferred to the jurisdiction of the AT Ierapetra where the interrogations of those involved began, which continue and at some point the case file is expected to arrive at the Lasithi Prosecutor’s Office, so that the case can be decided after a trial or additional depositions.

As the mother mentioned, all of the above is likely to be a single part of the case file that is being formed, since she is not sure that she knows all the information that the doctors who attended the 12-year-old and the investigating authorities may know.

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