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EL.AS operation with 17 arrests in the center of Athens – “Strike” on 2 gangs


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-3- robberies of particular cruelty, robbery, -17- thefts as well as -2- cases of fraud whose financial benefit exceeds 120,000 euros were solved

Extensive operational action in order to deal with “street crimes” (STREET CRIMES) in its wider area center of Athenswas held on the two days of January 17 and 18, 2023, by the Athens Security Sub-Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate.

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In this context, during the operations carried out in Kaisariani, Pagrati, Byron, Zografou, Sepolia and Kallithea:

  • two gangs were dismantled, 14 members of which were arrested, which – as the case may be – were active in drug trafficking and committing thefts, robberies and extortions,
  • a fugitive was arrested, with convictions over 20 years old,
  • two more people were arrested for – as the case may be – theft and violation of drug legislation, while
  • -4- indictments were filed against a total of -7- people for the -as the case may be- the offenses of the gang that commits fraud in succession, robbery and theft with complicity, attempted theft as well as money laundering.

Since when and how did the first gang operate?

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More in detail, about her first ganginformation was ascertained, according to which its members were active in drug trafficking in Zografou, Kaisariani, Pagrati as well as in neighboring areas.

As it emerged, the criminal group operated in a structured manner, having distinct roles (traffickers, storekeepers, etc.) while members did not hesitate to use physical violence in case of non-compliance with the instructions and orders of the organization.

A typical example is robbery and robberywhich took place in the evening hours on October 11, 2022 in the area of ​​Pagratio, at the expense of a relative of a member of the organization, who allegedly had created a “debt” from drug trafficking.

During the operation carried out to deconstruct the group, -8- members were arrested, including the leader and at their expense, as well as at the expense of another -5- members, whose details have been identified, a case file was filed – as the case may be – for a gang that commits robberies, in a rowin furtherance and aiding and abetting, violation of drug and weapons laws and robbery.

What did the investigations find?

From the searches in houses – kavatzes, the following were found and confiscated:

  • -5- iron fists and collapsible gloop,
  • -9- mobile phones,
  • 49.53 grams of cannabis,
  • metal gun bolt,
  • -47- cartridges, of which -6- are unfired,
  • plastic grip- pistol body and weapon firing mechanism,
  • Bulletproof vest,
  • hacksaw, wooden bat and cutter,
  • -2- folding knives-knives,
  • tab, vials and cans containing liquids and medicinal tablets,
  • -2- full face hoods,
  • 1,395 euros,
  • pair of handcuffs,
  • -4- operational precision scales and
  • multitude of nylon packages.

Enterprise EL.AS in Athens

Since when and how did the second gang operate?

For her second gangit was found that its members, at least since mid-February 2022, were active in committing thefts from business premises-offices as well as thefts of objects from inside vehicles in the areas of Acropolis and Kallithea.

After committing the thefts, after concealing the truth about the origin of the stolen goods, they sold them immediately, working with thieves.

From the subsequent investigation and the mapping of their activity, it emerged that they had committed -5- thefts from homes and workplaces as well as -10- thefts from vehicles.

During the operation, -5- members of the second gang were arrested and at their expense, as well as at the expense of another -4- of its members, among whom one was locked up in a Detention Center, a case file was filed for a gang whose members commit crimes committed in attempted theft by profession, by habit, by complicity and by continuation.

At the same time, regular proceedings were filed against -7- people, namely:

  • two incarcerated in a detention center, as it emerged that they are involved in two cases of fraud against two citizens, from which they extracted 130,000 and 4,000 euros respectively, under the pretext of mass supply of cars,
  • two citizens, who on 28-10-2021 in the area of ​​Zografou, entered the home of a citizen and committed a robbery at her expense with the threat of sharp objects, a citizen, for a case of theft from a home of a citizen in the area of ​​Zografou, from where he took 14,000 euro and
  • two citizens, for attempting to steal a motorcycle, an act that took place on 11-15-2022 in Petralona.

In addition, they were arrested:

  • foreigner, as a domestic helper, she removed jewelry worth approximately 20,000 euros from the native’s home. In a search carried out in her house, gold jewelry was found, the possession of which is being investigated, as well as narcotic substances,
  • citizen, for violating drug laws and
  • citizen, as convictions were pending against him for violations of the legislation on checks, income tax evasion and forgery, a total prison sentence of more than 20 years.

Those arrested were taken to the competent prosecuting authority.

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