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The long-awaited “white day” awaits the ski resorts


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The opening of ski resorts gives mountain tourism a “breather”.

The ski resorts are already on standby, waiting to see the long-awaited “white day” to work, as are the mountain destinations.

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As APE-MPE reports, after the holidays and with the next three days that can give a “breather” to the winter tourism market being Clean Monday, everyone’s expectations are mainly limited to the weekends. And not everyone who travels may be keen skiers, but snow and mountain activities are always an added asset to the destination.

Speaking to the Athenian and Macedonian News Agency, Mr Alexander Nulicas, a member of the Union of Ski Resorts, in Greece we have about 19 ski resorts that are in operation. “With the bad weather that is coming, we believe that skiing in Greece will start this year. Until and before the weekend, the only ones that had opened were in Vorra and Anilio, where only the children’s slopes and a slide worked, while in the ski center of Falakro only the children’s slopes”, he notes.

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Mr. Nulikas explains that the ski centers are a pole of attraction and give incentives to the visitor to make a trip to the mountain. “Someone may not come to Greece exclusively for skiing, but they will come combining the ski resort and mountain tourism in general. If someone comes for mountain tourism in Greece, you can’t help but offer them a ski resort. It is one of those without. In order to develop, mountain ranges want, beyond the natural beauty, beyond the accommodations that must exist, gastronomy, etc., to provide activities. And activities are offered by a ski resort in a mountainous massif”, he notes. “Ski resorts are a driver of development for the wider region. The visitor may not come exclusively for the ski resort, but the development it offers ensures the viability of all the surrounding ski resort businesses, which are primarily on the mountain. It’s all a chain. Skiing is a driver of development that offers an additional sustainability and on top of that the rest of mountain tourism is built”, adds Mr. Nulikas.

According to the CEO of Marketing Greece Ioanna Dretta, ski resorts are tourist infrastructures that can significantly contribute to the development of the surrounding destinations. “The global trend of outdoor activities and a greater relationship with nature, combined with the advantages of our country create certain conditions for us to be able to create a product with claims”, he underlines and emphasizes: “In this, as in all cases tourism, visibility is the easy part of the equation. The hard part is creating synergies and collaborations, as well as making decisions based on existing evidence in order to create the competitive product. Let’s not forget that the competition in this particular issue with central Europe is tough, while for European travelers the transition to our country requires a plane with a longer flight time, and therefore a more expensive ticket”.

Seli, Tria-Pente Pigadia, Vorras, Anilio, Vasilitsa, Elatochori, Falakro gather a lot of people in Northern Greece, while the Athenians mainly choose Parnassos and Kalavrita, but there are other ski resorts that have their own audience, such as Pelion, Karpenisi and Menalo and Ziria in the Peloponnese.

As Mr. Nulikas points out, every ski center has its own world, but what our country needs, is to make investments as it lacks infrastructure, especially in terms of lifts and artificial snow systems.


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