Farmers held a tractor rally in the center of Trikala

Farmers held a tractor rally in the center of Trikala

They held a rally with agricultural machinery and tractors and announced new mobilizations

With agricultural machinery and tractors, the Trikali farmers took to the streets demanding the solution of their chronic problems and announcing similar actions in the future.

Responding to the call of the Panhellenic Committee of Blocks, farmers from various villages joined forces and with a motorized march through the main streets of the city ended up at the building of the Trikala Regional Unit, where they completed the rally, with a keynote speech by the president of the Federation of Agricultural Associations Prefecture of Trikala “The Spring”, Lampro Cheka.


It also established the basic framework of the demands of the organized agricultural movement, including on the one hand the replacement of lost income for those products that were sold below cost or there were difficulties in their availability, due to the loss of foreign markets or due to the large losses in production due to adverse weather conditions, on the other hand the reduction of production costs, with tax-free oil, a reduction in the price of electricity, a ceiling of 0.07 euros per kilowatt hour, the abolition of the Energy Exchange, the polluter fine and also the VAT on means and supplies.

What is also requested is the establishment of minimum guaranteed prices that will correspond to production costs, ensuring subsistence income and affordable prices for products for popular consumption. A timeless request that remains pending is the protection from natural disasters, with the implementation of all necessary infrastructure projects, as well as a change in the ELGA regulation, so that it insures and also compensates production and capital from all natural disasters disasters and diseases at 100%.

Rally with a tractor, the farmers of the Trikala prefecture carried out today, in front of the building of the Regional Unity, responding to the call of the Federation of Agricultural Associations of the Trikala prefecture “The Spring”.

“We claim our right, our right to remain in our villages and to continue to cultivate our land”, emphasized among others the president of the Federation, Lambros Tsekas, while also presenting the claim context. He also emphasized that the low prices of agricultural products are not enough to cover even the basic expenses. Then a delegation of farmers delivered a memorandum with their demands

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