Fthiotida: Workers almost died from fumes – They were working on a well


Three men were rescued in a semi-conscious state by firefighters

A serious incident that endangered the lives of three people occurred shortly before 1 pm on Friday in Livanates.

Two men working with a petrol circular saw inside a warehouse – a 3m deep shaft and another person outside the shaft presented Respiratory problems due to fumes.

In fact, the two people who were inside the well, they started to lose consciousness and were trapped in it. The Atalanti Fire Department was immediately alerted and arrived at the scene with six men and four vehicles.

Thanks to their actions, the workers were freed from the well, while an ambulance that arrived from the area of ​​responsibility of the Kamena Vourla Hospital, took them to the Atalanti Health Center for first aid. According to the report of LamiaReport they are generally in good condition and only one of them manifested nausea.

At the Health Center, all four of the firefighters who took part in the extrication in the well were examined as a precaution.

The Locron Police Department was also informed of the incident, whose police officers also assisted in the rescue operation.

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