Thessaloniki: Electric buses are “coming” in September


The procedures for the implementation of studies for the construction of charging stations for electric buses are progressing

In September the OASTH will receive the first news, state-of-the-art electric buses, something that will put the Organization but also the entire network of urban transport, as well as the city of Thessaloniki, into its new era. This was emphasized by the President and CEO of OASTH, Costas Tagiris, speaking in the morning at the awards ceremony for the students – children of the Organization’s employees, who were admitted to higher education or excelled in High School.

Mr. Tangiris he assured the hundreds of workers who were present at the student award ceremony, which took place at the Porto Palace Hotel, that no jobs are at risk. He also underlined that the role of the OASTH in the implementation of urban transport is not disputed, as it is the body that knows the transport project better than anyone.

“Every day we give exams to the passenger public. We will not disappoint! We are one family, together we will fight the problems and be proud to be part of the OASTH”, emphasized Mr. Tangiris in his speech, which was the first after assuming his duties.

In his own speech, the president of the OASTH Workers’ Union, Yannis Dimkas, emphasized that the workers will continue to support the Organization, as they have done throughout time.

The “present” at the event was also given by the mayor of Thessaloniki and member of the Board of Directors of the OASTH, Konstantinos Zervas, who has always supported the Organization.

At the event, in addition to the awarding of the prizes to the students, the king cake of OASTH was also cut, with the Human Resources Department winning the crown, i.e. the soul of the Organization, which are its employees.


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