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Tension in the Constitution by a far-right group


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A far-right group entered the Syntagma Metro station – with hoods and bats – and started shouting racist slogans

Tensions flared on Sunday afternoon when, according to reports, a far-right group entered Syntagma Metro station – wearing hoodies and bats – and started shouting racist slogans, such as “foreigners out of Greece”.

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Information from from eyewitnesses states that the crowd of people who were at the station were scared by the presence of about 30 young people and several left in the opposite direction.

Earlier, a far-right group had gathered in Rigillis and moved towards Syntagma Square.

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On the route there was tension with passing citizens, but after the intervention of OPKE and Action officials there was no further escalation.

It is recalled that yesterday Saturday (28/1) approximately 400 people gathered in Rigillis square, members of left-wing organizations, in order to prevent members of the Golden Dawn from holding a demonstration on the occasion of the anniversary of Imia.

A group of gold diggers had gathered a few meters to the north, at the height of the Annunciation and did not manage to approach the spot.

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