Karditsa: Arguments and chemicals in the mobilization of farmers at the junction of the E65


Tension prevailed during the gathering of farmers, with the MAT making limited use of chemicals

Tension prevailed during the gathering of farmers at the junction of the E65, with the MAT making limited use of chemicals.

The bulk of agricultural machinery coming to the E65 junction from the Palamas area was temporarily stopped (as it turned out) by police officers on the road section between Mataraga and Delta Karditsa (E65 junction) and after brief consultations between the police and the leaders of the mobilization the course of tractors proceeded and reached the junction of the E65.

At the moment there are discussions between agricultural trade unionists and the Police in order to allow the farmers to go through the police block on the E65 to protest the problems that put them on the street and to claim the replacement of lost income in cotton to the aforementioned 1 euro per kilo, tax free oil, generous subsidy on agricultural inputs, ceiling on rural electricity at 0.07 cents/kwh, immediate subsidy on animal feed and livestock farmers whose agricultural income is greater than livestock, lower guaranteed prices based on production costs and a subsistence income, 100% compensations from ELGA and for all causes, as well as the fixed request for infrastructure and irrigation projects.

KKE Member of Parliament G. Lamproulis and the head of the People’s Rally of Thessaly T. Tsiaples are also at the scene.

At first this was not allowed to them and at about 12.45 they started marching on E.O. Karditsa-Larissa and organize their next step.

At around 1 p.m. there was a commotion as the farmers tried to move an ELAS vehicle to get onto the E-65 and altercations ensued while tear gas was also fired. Now new efforts are being made to find the golden ratio…

At 13:30 the farmers are allowed to go up the E65 without vehicles and a meeting is expected to be held to decide the framework for continuing the mobilization at the site.

According to what was emphasized in the general assembly, agricultural machinery will be lined up on the side road network of the E65 and farmers will hold a daily meeting at 12 pm on the E65 roadway.

Actions are now being taken to position the vehicles that will not obstruct, while security teams will be appointed who will be at the site 24 hours a day.

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