With the help of an underwater robot, the search for the Phantom pilot continues


The search for the pilot of the F-4 continues

The search for the pilot of the F-4 fighter aircraft of the Air Force that crashed, yesterday, in a sea area off Katakolo, Ilia, continues today. According to the estimates so far, it is possible that the 31-year-old captain Efstathios Tsitlakidis will be tied to his seat. Yesterday, the co-pilot, lieutenant Marios-Michail Turoutsikas, 29 years old, was found dead.

Two of its divers are operating in the area Mobile Maintenance Team of Underwater and Marine Facilities (KOSYFE) of the 206th Air Infrastructure Wing and three divers of the 31st Search and Rescue Squadron.

Divers attempt a Coast Guard lifeboat with assistance underwater robot which has the ability to reach a depth of up to one hundred meters.

In addition, in addition to the Navy S-70 and Super Puma helicopters that also operate in the evening hours, an Agusta Bell helicopter was added to the searches from the early hours of the morning.

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