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“Hidden school”…revives in Crete- 3rd high school students take lessons in a church


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In the church of Agios Ioannis the Baptist, 3rd high school classes are held on a rotating basis…

In a school hall it was converted into a small church located in the schoolyard of the 1st General Lyceum of Heraklion in Kapetanakeio as there are not enough rooms.

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Parents who contacted complained that their children are forced to take lessons inside the church, where there are moldy conditions, while the ossuary with the holy relics of the Saint and his family is housed there.

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In fact, according to the same complaints, there have been cases of viruses in children who attend classes in these conditions, without any excuse for their absences! confirmed in its communication with the president of ELME and teacher at the 1st General Lyceum of Heraklion in Kapetanakeio, philologist Areti Spahi, that classes are held in the church. However, she emphasizes that the rotating lessons in the church area were a necessary solution for the school, with the responsibility falling on the Municipal Authority of Heraklion, since it has delayed installing a removable room in Kapetanakeio to prevent these phenomena from occurring . “I am the first to object to classes being held in the church. But we had no choice. What should we do? Areti Spahi tells


There are not enough rooms

But how did the problem arise? “We had the space that functions as a laboratory for the first time until today, and the courses of Physics, Chemistry, etc., which require experimental proof and laboratory equipment, are held there. These courses should be laboratory supported. However, we don’t have the rooms. And we said, on a rotating basis, let a section go to the church where the general education lessons will be held, to deal with the situation temporarily until a definitive solution is found. These children pass after the laboratory and do the laboratory lesson the way it should be done”…

Answering to those parents who react by talking about unhealthy conditions, Areti Spahi tells us that “the church building is cleaned, it is painted and in general we have been fighting for 11 years for Kapetanakeio. Today as we speak we are waiting for an electrician and they are not sending us and we are pushing for him to come so that some work can be done. But beyond that… the request we make to resolve this matter is that, since the dynamics of the Captain’s office are great anyway and we have a housing problem, we asked – and they should have given us – a solvable room. They didn’t give it. We ask that the laboratory course be laboratory. The kids wanted it anyway. And in turn a department enters the church, which is a temporary solution until they bring us the solvable hall. It’s not something we want. The church is a place of worship and not a place of school lessons. But what else are we to do? Neither the building needs have been met in terms of the electrician we need to come… nor has our hall “come”…

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