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Crete: Introduced to her as a cryptocurrency “investor” and robbed her of 150,000 euros


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“Walker” managed to trick the 27-year-old and get his hands on the family account

A new incredible case of fraud concerns the authorities in Chania, with a 27-year-old victim from Karditsa who was going to invest but, unfortunately, things took a different turn.

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The young woman, since March last year, had been in contact with a foreigner, who had introduced himself to her as “Walker”. They communicated by phone and also electronically, while he was about to make an investment with cryptocurrencies.

As reported to the authorities, in Chania where the 27-year-old lives, she had an amount of 150,000 euros in a joint account with her mother and sisters.

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From March 9, 2022 to January 15, 2023, he gave – supposedly for the investment – an amount of almost 20,000 euros. The second time 30,000 euros and the 3rd time an amount of … 100,000 euros!

“Walker” introduced her as a cryptocurrency company investor and, gradually, from last March until this January, she saw her money grow… wings culminating on January 15 when she found her account empty.

The girl tried to contact the alleged investor, however, he had disappeared.

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