Tzanakis-SKAI: Over 100,000 active cases-What he said about schools


The estimation that we might go to 12-13,000 cases these days, expressed speaking to SKAI and the show “TODAY” the professor of Pulmonology Nikos Tzanakis.

At the same time, he appeared worried about the positivity which, as he said, has risen a lot in recent days.

He even referred to the case of Attica, saying that it is “boiling”. “It has tripled and in some areas has quadrupled its numbers since December 7.”

According to Mr. Tzanakis, the active cases exceed 100,000 (fortnight ago until today), while he estimated that the positivity will fluctuate at 2% in the next period.

“The peak will come between January 15-20,” he added.

Regarding the Omicron mutation, the professor said that he wants to be a jerk, that is, to have many cases, without having hospitalizations, intubations and deaths. He pointed out that in 50-60% of cases it is the specific mutation.

If we did not have Omicron we would have an average of 3,500-3,800 cases per week.

Commenting on the measures announced yesterday, he spoke of targeted measures and stated that he would like them to be implemented tonight.

Mr. Tzanakis also proposed an extension of one week to school holidays, which will be replaced at the end of the year in order to prevent the peak in mid-January.

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