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New products in the Household Basket – Beef is also included


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Sixty will soon become from 51 that are today – the products in the household basket – By the 15th of the month the Market Pass will come

In addition of new product categories in the household basket, the Ministry of Development and Investments is advancing from all 51 items which includes today the basket will reach 60.

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This was announced today by the Minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis and Deputy Minister Nikos Papathanasis during their visit to two stores of the “Market In” and “My Market” supermarket chains, as last week they recorded the largest decrease in prices of “Household Basket” products.

Mr. Papathanasis stated that among the new categories will be the calf while the minister noted: “It will be everything you want. The cart works and we will give people the opportunity to find what they couldn’t find in the cart. This is the purpose of the Ministry of Development and Investment: to grow the shield and give the world more quality and cheap products.”

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For price increases on products in the basket the minister said: “In the basket we have both increases and decreases in milk. There is, for example, milk today in the basket at 1.09. The first week the milk had 1.25. Of course there are also increases, an increase is not prohibited. As there are better prices outside the basket. We should know that for a product to be included in the basket, it is not enough to have the best price. The chain that puts it on must be able to have a sufficient quantity to cover one week’s consumption of this product. It is possible that a chain on a product has a smaller quantity and can make an offer and lower the price. What we want is to push prices down. We are not interested in selling only basket. So if we succeed, because a milk went into the basket at 1.20, and they offer milk at 1.12 euros, that’s good, not bad. Can a consumer get even 1.12”. In addition to the increases in pulses, the minister stated that they indeed have a small increase, but in the basket, they have a fixed price.

The Market Pass will arrive by the 15th of the month

Mr. Papathanasis reiterated that “a family that buys from the basket can save up to 80 euros per month. The measure will also be completed by the Market Pass, the shopping card that arrives by the 15th of the month. Once the applications are made, the money will be credited directly to the beneficiary’s account, by March 3rd. For those who choose the immaterial card, they will be able to use it everywhere, in supermarkets, butchers, fruit shops and even in street markets, where it is possible to pay with a POS. Those who choose to deposit the money into a bank account will be paid in three months and the amount will be reduced by 20%.” In the meantime, it was pointed out that the branded products in the basket are also increasing. “This may have some impact on the price because the branded product is necessarily more expensive than the private label, but it still meets the consumer’s need at good prices,” said the minister.

Mr. Papathanasis noted that the basket proved that it can and does hold prices as we are in the 14th week and price stability is observed and in several items a decrease. Overall, as he said, since the beginning of the measure, the reduction in costs reaches 16%. “As we have proven with the special labeling of the products that are included in the basket, we proceed with corrective actions when deemed necessary in order to facilitate consumers” noted Mr. Papathanasis and added that in this context “so that consumers can more easily compare product prices, it will become mandatory in the marking that the unit price has the same font as the piece price. That is, in addition to the price of the product, there will also be the unit price, whether it is a liter or a kilogram, with the same font and the same size.

At the same time, because it has been proven that sales within the basket have increased by 100% and people are shopping from the basket, we will proceed to add new product categories and from the 51 items that the basket currently includes, we will reach 60. In addition, we will also add special products for the season of Lent. These are products that our fellow citizens are used to buying during this period.” The minister reminded that the prices are largely stable, in 86% of the products, in 6% of the products the price has decreased and in 7% it has increased.

“There is a little pressure and it makes sense that there should be. The chains expect reductions in the coming days and weeks. We are of course also starting our new measures for the Lent basket and the Easter basket, which we are examining with great diligence,” he said.

Finally, Mr. Papathanasis emphasized that “the checks do not stop. Checks are done both in-cart and out-of-cart. We have put a ceiling on the rate of profit, control and impose fines. The fines imposed are about 6% to 8% of the total checks. In addition, we proceed with checks and following complaints”.

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