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Lamia: A young man rushed into a burning semi-basement and saved a child


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The young man broke the window with his foot, entered the room and saved the 1.5-year-old boy from the flames, which had surrounded him

There was a near tragedy in the early afternoon in the center of Lamia when a fire broke out in a semi-basement, where a Roma family lives, namely a 57-year-old woman with her three grandchildren, aged 6.5 and 1.5 years, since the parents are absent.

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It was just before four in the afternoon on Saturday when Dionysis, a 22-year-old neighbor on his way home heard calls for help and ran to see what was happening.

As soon as he arrived at the scene he saw a lot of smoke and the room of a house was in flames. Outside was the grandmother with the two older children and the neighbors who were calling for help and were in a panic.

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Then the 22-year-old heard one of the brothers crying that the baby was inside the house. Dionysus without a second thought took off his jacket and rushed into the burning room.

“The child was crying and with a trembling voice he told me that the baby was in the house. I immediately threw off the jacket and gave a hard kick to the street level window of the room. I went in and grabbed the baby that was in the flames. Everything happened so fast. Fortunately, the child was saved and is fine. I did what every person would do if their life was in danger…”, said 22-year-old Dionysis Abdiai, who is of Albanian origin, but was born and raised in Lamia, where he lives and works.


As other neighbors told LamiaReport, the child was literally saved at the last moment after the flames had reached him and as you can see in the photos, the room was completely destroyed.

The Lamia Police Department arrived at the scene with two vehicles and five firefighters who extinguished the fire before it spread to other apartments.

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