Thessaloniki: The robber who broke through the glass of a store is in custody


After his confession, with the agreement of the investigator and the prosecutor, he was temporarily sent to prison

The youngster perpetrator in the early hours of Saturday, February 4, he broke into a convenience store and with the threat of a knife took 200 euros from the store employee while a few hours later in the same way, he withdrew 1,500 euros from the OPAP agency.

In his attempt to escape, The knife that he was holding fell to the ground. However, it seems that he was quite agitated, since in order to leave the store he fell on the glass of the entrance.

Policemen of the White Tower Security Department immediately began an investigation. They collected evidence and managed to locate him immediately. At noon the next day, the arrested in the area of ​​Lagada Municipality.

In a search carried out at his home, the items of clothing he was wearing during the robberies were found and confiscated.

In fact, as it emerged from the investigation of the police officers of the T.A. White Tower, it wasn’t the first time who robbed a store. On January 15, he took the sum of 400 euros from an employee of a health care store, with the threat of using a sharp object.

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