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Dislocated criminal organization that stole cars and then sold them either as whole or as spare parts, police officers of the Property Crimes Department of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate, with the assistance of the Property Crimes Department of the Attica Security Directorate, proceeded after a long and intensive investigation.

They were arrested four members of the organization, namely three citizens aged 63 (the brain of the organization), 53 and 25 years old (2 men – 1 woman respectively) and a 33-year-old foreigner.

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The organization was formed at least from the end of November 2021, with the aim of stealing vehicles with a high commercial demand from areas of Attica, transporting them to Thessaloniki and further selling them either as is or in the form of spare parts in various parts of Greece.

As emerged from the police investigation, one of the members was removing the vehicles from an area of ​​Attica and then the 63-year-old “brain” of the organization would travel to Athens either alone or with his 25-year-old daughter and after receiving them, he would take them to a spare parts depot that maintains in the area of ​​Thessaloniki.

In the company there was a specially designed area, equipped with special tools for disassembling vehicles, while two of the members immediately proceeded to cut out various parts where the chassis numbers of the removed vehicles were written.

The ring used technological methods to bypass modern anti-theft systems as well as electronic signal jamming devices to bypass any GPS systems on the hijacked vehicles.

stolen vehicles

The telephone connections had declared names of other people (¨straw men¨) which changed at regular intervals and
they used coded phraseology during conversations.

In the context of illegal activity
the aforementioned members of the organization together with one more person, it emerged that they are involved in the commission of 39 car thefts from various areas of Attica, with a total estimated value of (392,000) euros approximately.

stolen vehicles

After coordinated operations carried out in areas of Thessaloniki and Athens, four (4) members of the criminal organization were identified and arrested, while during searches, from homes and the possession of members of the organization, the following were found and seized:

(1) pepper spray,
(1) firearm with magazine and (49) firearm cartridges;
(1) metal imitation – dummy weapon, small size with magazine,
(2) obviously fake Police Identity Cards, with details of other people and pasted photos of two (2) of those arrested,
(3) doctor’s seals;
(19) pairs of spectacles, the legal possession of which is being investigated;
the amount of (6,215) euros,
(1) notebook, handwritten notes containing notes with license plates and locations;
cell phone crowd,
a number of specialized tools for bypassing modern car anti-theft systems,
car jump starters,
metal car key cutting code decoders,
car immobilizer system bypass and key programming plugs,
number of car keys, the legal possession of which is being investigated and
(2) improvised cigarettes (cigarettes) containing cannabis mixed with tobacco

while in a spare parts store, the following were found and confiscated:

(67) severed car engines, (1045) car doors, (53) car bonnets and (55) dismembered cars with a severed or falsified chassis number, numerous tools, car brains, keys and car immobilizers, the legal possession of which is being investigated.

In addition, they were seized:
(4) automobiles as means of committing criminal acts and
(5) cars in order to investigate the legality of their circulation.

Finally, it is noted that in the context of the conducted investigation, the involvement of two (2) more persons – citizens aged 64 and 35 years old, who maintain spare parts depots, and a case file was filed against them for the offense of accepting proceeds of crime, as two ( 2) from the removed vehicles.

Against the four individuals and one more member (a 35-year-old citizen), a case file was filed, on a case-by-case basis, for criminal organization, distinguished cases of theft, acceptance of proceeds of crime, forgery, violation of the Law on Weapons, violation of the Law on Addictive Substances and forgery.

Those arrested will be taken to the Criminal Prosecutor of Athens while the investigation continues into their possible involvement in other criminal acts.