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Babis Anagnostopoulos denies through his lawyer, Katerina Mavroidithat he had contact with his daughter, Lydiavia video call, while he himself is incarcerated in the prisons in Malandrino.

The entire announcement of Babis Anagnostopoulos’ lawyer:

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“On the occasion of the latest publications concerning both the internet and television broadcasts, I am informing you, as attorney of Charalambos Anagnostopoulos, that, following his instructions, I will take all the necessary legal actions before the civil and criminal courts, in order to stop spreading false facts that have nothing to do with reality.

The last false, slanderous and non-existent incident that was spread and at the same time reproduced in all the media, was that of my principal’s alleged communication with his daughter Lydias through a “video call” and while he is incarcerated in the detention center in Malandrino. It is at least outrageous that such untrue and non-existent incidents are said and especially by advocates of the case, which not only affect my principal but tarnish and distort arbitrary institutions and institutions, in this case the penitentiary in question.

If the advocate has proof of what he falsely claims and maintains, he should have submitted it at the right time to the competent Police and Judicial authorities.

In addition, I must point out that in the penitentiary where my client is detained, regular checks are carried out to detect any illegal items.

In addition, he has completely respected the court decisions, especially regarding his daughter Lydia.

He never sought, nor had, nor does he have the slightest communication with his child, since the day of his arrest.

In any case, all parties must respect the decisions of the Court. This case is already a tragedy, and any further false and slanderous statements are intended to distort and confuse the real facts.”