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With the examination of eyewitnesses to the murder of 19-year-old Alkis Kampanos, the trial of the 12 defendants continued today for the 9th day before the Mixed Jury Court in Thessaloniki.

“There were many people, they moved with fast movements. They wore hoods and some held objects that can do damage. There was panic in the alley.” With these words, an eyewitness to the murderous attack against the group of ‘Alkis Kampanou’ described the movements of the accused and what he saw from his car as he happened to pass by the scene of the crime with his friend.

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This is the driver of the car that was found behind the procession of vehicles used by the 12 defendants. Taking over from his friend in the passenger seat, the 19-year-old testified that he was scared “because there were a lot of people and they were wearing hoods”, his mind going straight to a fan episode.

Earlier, another witness who, together with his friend, was near the scene of the murderous attack, testified: “We heard shouts, curses, moans, we were shocked.”

The second witness, repeatedly citing an inability to remember details and pointing out that he did not have good visual contact with the crime scene, said that he was unable to distinguish faces, while reporting that he perceived objects coming out of the trunk of a car.

He also revealed that he had secretly taken the car from his father as he had not yet obtained a driver’s license. “I was afraid my car would be broken into. I told my father and he urged me to go and give a statement. Hours later I learned of Alki’s death. Because I read on the Internet that some perpetrators got out of my own car I was scared…” he said in his testimony.

The trial was adjourned until next Monday (20/1), so another police officer from the Crimes Against Life Department of Thessaloniki has been called to the witness stand.