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The feast of Tsiknopepti has started early today and continues until the final fall. Huge grills are set up all over the country and a huge outdoor party is set up where meat is plentiful as well as wine and dancing.

In the area opposite Varvakeio, the coals in the grills were lit early and hundreds of citizens – Athenians and visitors to the capital – made their way to “chicken out” and have a meze with an ally in the good weather. More than 500 kg of meat was cooked this year by the shopkeepers and distributed to the citizens who participate in the feast.

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In Thessaloniki, the feast lasts well

The atmosphere is extremely festive in Thessaloniki from the morning as the city center is full of people. However, in the co-capital the fun continues until this hour.

According to thesstoday.gr, most catering establishments are full of customers, with music constantly playing in the lobby, and everyone following the frenetic rhythms, but also continuing to cook, since… the appetite passes through the stomach.

In particular, inseparability prevails in Ladadika with thousands of people flooding the clubs, setting up an unprecedented party in the heart of the center.


Kefi, dance song in Larissa

But the people of Larissa are also celebrating Tsiknopepti since early in the afternoon young and old – many in carnival costumes – gathered in the Central Square, where the party flared up for good. In fact, the fun was great even in the afternoon.


According to onlarissa.gr, open-air music, dancing, drinks and of course the delicious dishes of the traditional grills create a scene of euphoria that is reflected in the smiles and the very beautiful mood.

In the rhythms of Tsiknopepti and Patra

The celebration also lasts well in Patras, where a large number of people have gathered in the central square. According to thebest.gr, “Gindiki”, the elite traditional music group, are giving fun and joy, at this time, in Georgiou Square, as part of the events of Tsiknopepti.