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In Arta, today the custom of the Bandidos is being revived with carnival couplets and a feast in the center of the city.

The custom comes from the 15th century, in 1449, when Arta fell into the hands of the Ottomans. According to historical sources, the sultan’s representative in Thessaloniki accepted the request of the Artines, to masquerade on Halloween.

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According to the folklorists, the “bandidas” were the “guys” of the time, who, on Halloween, went out into the streets sloppy, with pants tied with a handkerchief and teased everyone they met.

Tomorrow morning, the cultural Associations of the municipality will knit the Gaitanakias.

Stilt walkers will make their appearance, while there will be events, such as the Lost Treasure Hunt, the fire-group in the center of the city that organizes the “Arta Women’s Carnival”, with bonfires and merry-go-rounds in all municipal units.

The events conclude on Clean Monday, February 27, with the traditional Kouloumas from the Municipality of Artaia in the Riverside Park, as well as events with Lenten food, in all the local communities of the municipality.

Main photo from 7meres.gr