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Famous magician from the Northern Greece became accused by his godmother of rape and he apologized through the regular procedure to an investigator who – with the consent of the prosecutor – judged him temporarily detained.

The act in question allegedly took place 20 years ago, when the complainant was 21 years old. However, it was recently reported, so the case has now been brought to justice.

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The defendant, now 77 years old, known in addition to being a magician and a beast tamer, categorically denied the act, but without convincing the prosecutor and the investigator.

And a second pretrial detention for rape

The same criminal treatment was given to another person accused of rape. This is the case of a 40-year-old man who was reported by his 20-year-old ex-partner, a case which the police announced a few 24 hours ago.

The 40-year-old reportedly apologized to the investigator that everything was done by mutual consent, claiming that it was a vindictive complaint. He was finally adjudged a temporary prisoner and made his way to the prisons.