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1826 The Turks occupy the islet of Vasiladi, the stronghold of Messolonghi, tightening the cordon around the city, which will last another month and a half.

1948 The Communist Party takes over the government in Czechoslovakia. He would remain in power until 1989.

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1959 The British government revokes the deportation order for Archbishop Makarios, who is now free to return to Cyprus. Another decree granted amnesty to General Grivas and his fellow fighters.

1973 Massacre in an Athens entertainment center by the Koemtzis brothers for an order. Three police officers are killed and two are injured. A little later, Dionysis Savvopoulos will be inspired by the event in his song “Makry Zeibekiko gia to Nikos”.

2000 The Swedish New Democracy party (Ny Demokrati) declares bankruptcy and dissolves.

201 Panathinaikos achieves a great victory at the Olympic Stadium against Roma with 3-2 and advances to the “16” of the Europa League.


1707 Carlo Goldeni, Italian playwright, perhaps the most important personality of the Commedia dell’Arte. (D. 6/2/1793)


Vyacheslav Molotov, Bolshevik leader (Ribbentrop – Molotov Pact). Improvised bombs (Molotov bombs) are named after him. (D. 8/11/1986)

1943 George Harrison, British guitarist and composer, one of the four Beatles. (Dec. 29/11/2001)


1899 Paul Julius Von Reuter, (real name Israel Bir Yosaphat), German journalist and businessman, founder of the news agency “Reuters” (Reuters). (Born 21/7/1816)

1983 Tennessee Williams, American playwright and poet. (“Leoforeion o Pothos”) (Born 3/26/1911)

2014 Paco De Luthia, Spanish virtuoso flamenco guitarist. (Born 21/12/1947)